Profile was founded in 2003 in Thessaloniki by the interior architect Stavridou Anastasia, in an attempt to create an office that would offer a wide range of services, high standards and requirements for individuals and entrepreneurs interested in creating a unique personal or professional space.
From 2008 to today, the company has recruited a group of professionals, which includes interior architects, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineer, researcher of building materials and industrial designer.
We are active in Greece as well as abroad and are distinguished for presenting solutions and applications in architecture and decoration of residential and commercial premises, through a variety of alternative scenarios available to the individual concerned.
We design photo-realistic presentations of our proposals, in which the client can “live” almost live so that he has the chance to choose the solution that best meets his demands.
We use advanced technical solutions in construction using innovative materials of high aesthetics and functionality and we undertake the full task of project design, issuance and implementation of permits up to completion.